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Connect – to establish communication between; to join by means of communication; to join together as to provide access and communication; to establish a rapport or relationship.

Midwest Connect has been providing clients mailroom solutions for over 10 years. What started out as a focus to provide local representation to businesses in Western Nebraska has grown to a client base of over 1,750 businesses. Today we provide solutions to businesses in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. Traditionally, we have equipped our clients with equipment and software solutions for posting outgoing mail, folding/inserting documents, addressing envelopes, opening incoming mail and shipping packages. The world is rapidly changing and the mailing/shipping industry is no exception. We will continue to offer these core products that have shaped our business for years. But we are also dedicated to introduce evolving solutions as business communication technology changes.


Product Spotlight

IN600 Mailing System
Midwest Connect - Product Spotlight

IN600 In today’s fast paced business environments, we are always looking for ways to get the job done quickly and simply while maintaining integrity every step of the way. When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Neopost IN-600 Series delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility. As part of the latest generation of mailing systems, the 600-Series contemporary design depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents. And with a commitment to build and ship products in the most ecological manner, the IN-600 Series proudly wears the Neopost ECO label.

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